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Why You Should Treat Yourself To Hair Salon Visits More Often

hair salon Clapham

We can all agree when we visit the salon, we almost always leave feeling better than when we came in. This is the reason why women of all ages absolutely love treating themselves to a day at our Gritt London hair salon in Clapham, but between busy schedules, budgeting and other distractions, that well deserved moment gets pushed back time and time again. If you are reading this, the purpose of this blog is to remind you of the many benefits that you are missing out on by putting off your regular visits to the hair salon. 

Keeping Your Hair Healthy 

Aside from looking amazing after every visit to your favourite hairdresser in Clapham, one of your main reasons to visit the salon regularly is to keep your hair healthy. Regular visits to the salon to trim your hair keeps it healthy, and even promotes further hair growth. Getting a deep conditioning treatment at our Olaplex treatment salon in Clapham will keep your hair as fresh and healthy as humanly possible. Keep in mind that making regular appointments every 6-8 weeks, depending on what your stylist recommends, is essential for maintaining healthy hair. 

Refresh & Rejuvenate

Every girl can likely agree that spending a day at their favourite salon is great way to destress and unwind after a long week. At Gritt London, we pride ourselves on the fun and relaxing environment we provide. No matter what service you come in for, there’s no better feeling than leaving the salon relaxed and refreshed. 

Change it up

Sometimes all we need is some good change to give us a hop in our step. Need something new? A fresh hairstyle or colour may be just what you need. Trying a trendy new haircut, like our famous blonde balayage, or switching it up from long luscious locks to a spunky short hairdo can make all the difference. Gritt London is also home to the best hair extensions online that will allow you to express yourself and let your personality shine through your hairstyles.


We are firm believers in the saying “look good, feel good!”, because when you feel confident in yourself and your outer shell, it directly affects the way you carry yourself throughout the day. Your confidence can affect many aspects of your life, from your career to relationships, communication skills, and so much more. Being bold and trying out new hairstyles can boost levels of confidence, and leave you feeling and looking like your best self.

Ready for the Gritt London Experience?

At Gritt London we are passionate about delivering and educating each individual client on their hair journey in our Clapham Hair Salon and at home. We know our products inside and out and we love creating bespoke hair home packages as well as tips and tricks to keep you looking amazing in between appointments.