sulfate free shampoo

Why you should try a sulfate-free shampoo

sulfate free shampoo

You’ve probably heard a conversation or two at the salon where sulfate-free shampoos were mentioned, but have you ever stopped to wonder what sulfates even are, or why hair experts are recommending them to their clients? If you haven’t taken the time to get to the bottom of it, we don’t blame you, but being a hairdressing service in Clapham that cares about your hair, we are going to take the liberty of filling in the blanks for you.

What are sulfates?

We will keep it simple, a sulfate is a chemical that reacts with sulphuric acid and forms a salt. There are a range of sulfates that are widely used across several industries that produce consumer goods. In the hair treatment Clapham industry and all over the world, the most commonly used sulfates are produced from petroleum and plant oils. The largest controversy here is the long term side effects of sulfate production, which are associated with climate change, pollution, and greenhouse gases. This concern is what fuels conversations about shifting to using sulfate-free shampoos.

 Why do shampoos have sulfates?

Sulfates are the components that give your shampoo that thick lather that we commonly associate with cleansing. They attract oil and water. What this does for our hair is it takes away any unwanted oil particles that cling to our hair and washes off any of it with water as we rinse.

How does sulfate-free shampoo work?

You are probably wondering what sulfate-free shampoos use instead to cleanse the hair, and the truth is, it really depends on the product. Some sulfate-free shampoos contain no lathering agents at all, which is why you will not get much or any foam out of them at all. This can initially feel different on your scalp, but they also have the ability to remove unwanted dirt or grime from your hair. Most sulfate-free shampoos that we use at our Olaplex treatment salon tend to leave a little more of the hair’s natural oils behind, and this is especially beneficial for those that have naturally dry hair and need a shampoo that doesn’t strip away too much moisture from strands. Our line of Olaplex sulfate-free shampoos respond great with colored hair.

Most importantly, it is safe to say that its cleaning ability remains the same, it is just a matter of getting used to lather free washing.

Now that you are hopefully more enlightened on the topic of going sulfate-free, you are ready to have a discussion with our hair professionals at Gritt London, whether it be the right hair extensions online or the ideal sulfate-free shampoo for you, we are at your service.