Pulp Riot Colour with Attitude

Pulp Riot: Colour with Attitude

Pulp Riot Colour with Attitude

Part of what makes the Gritt London Experience so special apart from the fact that we serve some of the best drinks in town is that we truly know our products inside and out. We believe that each of our clients deserve the best and because of this, we only work with products that we are confident in like Redken and Olaplex bond repair treatment. This deep knowledge and understanding of the tools that we use allows our professional stylists and colourists to become masterful artists, and the Pulp Riot line is a fine example of this. Pulp Riot is known for creating the most vibrant and pigmented hair colours for artists – and Pulp Riot High Speed Toners are no different. It is a product line that  is designed for artists, so every shade toner is intermixable allowing us to create a custom hue that is as unique as our clients are.

These are perfect for nailing that exact shade our clients love, whether it’s a soft pastel pink or bold platinum blonde, Pulp Riot’s High Speed Toners are an essential part of our hair artist’s kits. These work great for all hair types, including natural hair extensions online. Available in a choice of fashion shades to both correct and created hair colour to perfection, they work in just a matter of minutes, nourishing the hair while depositing intense colour pigment.

When you book a hairdresser online with Gritt London, rest assured, you are going to be in for a unique experience with our perfectly crafted salon ambiance, and we won’t let you part from us without tips and tricks to keep you looking amazing in-between appointments.

Our first priority to any service is the health of your hair. We will always prioritise your hair condition. We care and we will teach you how to do the same.